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Shi et al. Cancer Research (2023).  A cell surface-binding antibody atlas nominates a MUC18-directed antibody-drug conjugate for targeting melanoma.

Weng et al. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics (2023). 22:1013-1027.  AMT-562, a Novel HER3-targeting Antibody-Drug-Conjugate, Demonstrates a Potential to Broaden Therapeutic Opportunities for HER3-expressing tumors.

Weng et al. Cancer Discovery (2023). 13:950-973.  Antibody-Exatecan Conjugates with a Novel Self-immolative Moiety Overcome Resistance in Colon and Lung Cancer.

Wang et al. Sci. Adv. (2020). 6:eaax2271  An array of 60,000 antibodies for proteome-scale antibody generation and target discovery.


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